Saturday, August 20, 2005

Need A Rest?

If you are feeling tired, run down, and on the brink of burn out then let me pass on some helpful advice... DON'T GO ON VACATION.

This has been a rushed summer for me personally. We rushed to finish school and then rushed into VBS and then rushed off to a Youth Conference and then rushed back to host a southern gospel concert. In between those events there were two weddings to officiate, two graduation ceremonies to host, a youth director to interview - hire - and move here, and my wife has gone back into nursing two days a week. Did I mention we still have four kids, I coach tee ball two nights a week, and there are a (couple) of projects going on at church as well????

Thursday we rushed off for a two day vacation so we could "rest" and relax. We arrived at a six flags amusement park. Most of the day was spent consoling two of our younger children who were constantly being told there were too small to ride on the rides they wanted to go on. After seven hours of that fun we headed to our hotel and checked in. Down to the pool was our next stop. My wife slipped and fell but wasn't badly hurt as Iassisted her to pool side. The sign out front said "heated pool" but I haven't figured out what it was heated by other then perhaps a dump truck load of ice. We went back to our room and thawed out.

Following a minor argument among the siblings over who would sleep on the roll-a-way bed it was off to dream land and the muffled sound of 400 bikers roaring past our hotel every fifteen minutes. I hate hotel beds. I have never found one to be comfortable. Tossing and turning on my part allowed my wife to "feel" the realistic rumble of the bikers as they rolled along.

Next morning it was off to an All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet at Howard Johnsons and then a tour of a British Fort from 1757. That was engaging and my kids loved the tour and the demonstrations of musket rifles and canons being fired. Ice cream on the boardwalk and an afternoon at the arcade then led us back to our hotel and the arctic wave pool. My daughter Hannah swam while Ira and Andrew tried out their Kentuckian Musket Rifles from the fort "we got 'cha if wanna leave" gift shop. Charity, my youngest daughter, was the selected target of prey for these two wilderness patriots.

We ventured out for a ride and then diner. Later in the evening it was tv back in the room with a delivery from Dominoes Pizza. We packed up early this morning, enjoyed breakfast with Ronald and his gang at the Golden Arches, and have now arrived back home where I am sifting through mail, email, and phone messages as my father-in-law finishes his surprise "I just wanted to take a look at your plumbing so there's no water until I put your house back together" greeting.

Now that the vacation is over I can rest.

Jesus taught by example the principle of going apart before you fall apart in scripture. There were times when He separated Himself from His disciples and the people. Why? Yes to pray and fellowship with the Lord but also to rest His mind and His emotions. You may not be able to go on a vacation this summer but you can rest.


Make Time - just like going to work, eating, laundry, and etc... make time to rest.


Separate - get alone even if it means sending everyone else away for a little while.


Meditate - pray, praise, and worship.


Rleax - do something you enjoy even it's only taking a nap or watching an old movie.

Just take a deep breath before your world comes crashing in and.... rest awhile. You can do it right now. Give it a try.