Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Brokeback Morals

Last night Hollywood again pushed their agenda and where they desire to see the country... full acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. At the Golden Globe awards Brokeback Mountain was given the highest honors for a dramatic movie. Starring Heath Ledger (The Patriot) and Jake Gyllenhaal (October Sky - Day After Tomorrow) as Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar as two cowboys who begin a plantic friendship that turns physical and sexual.

When the job ends they go their separate ways- one becomes a father of two and the other a successful business man. Years later they are reunited and their feelings for one another are rekindled. Ang Lee directed what has been called "the first truly homosexual western."

It doesn't seem to matter to Hollywood that mainstream America is offended by this and stayed away. Box office receipts are do to a big push in the homosexual community and liberal left to see this movie. Curious people after reading the controversy also attended but these numbers do not mean that America, as a whole, is ready to embrace same sex marriage and relationships as normal. Once again Hollywood proves it is at war against mainstream America and Chritianity.

Movies used to entertain. Now, they feel they need to preach. Their message is simple: The Gospel of Secular Humanism. "Embrace diversity" is their montra. Homosexual characters are always portrayed as intelligent, honest, and charismatic. Christians are usually portrayed as ignorant, deceitful, and caustic. Is this by accident? No.

Maybe it's time for Christians to let Hollywood know we really feel. Most fundamental-evangelical people are not going to go see Brokeback Mountain but they do go see the family friendly movies which usually produce the BIGGEST box office receipts which gives the studios the profits they need to make the movies that tear down our core beliefs. Maybe it's time to boycott the family movies. Let's not give Hollywood the resources to keep attacking our values. How many times are we going to give the enemy the very weapon he needs to hurt us... money. In the end... Hollywood may love to preach a politically correct gospel of liberalism and acceptance of the perverse but even they need money in the collection plate to make that happen. No more tithes to Hollywood until it gets our message!


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