Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Never Settle for Cheap Immitations

I love model trains. I love Coca-Cola. Put the two together and you've got somethin' gooood!
This past Christmas season I looked at a Coca-Cola logo train set at Wal-Mart several times. I even picked it up once or twice and tried to justify in my own mind why I should buy it as a Christmas present to myself. Since it was not a budgeted priority I put it back and prayed one quick, simple prayer... "Lord, this is a desire of my heart and I would love to have it. I'm not going to ask for it or hint for it. Place it on someone's heart to give me." That was that.

Christmas came and went and NO Coke Train. My birthday came and went this past weekend and still NO Coke Train. Tonight, I preached to the TNT Youth Department of the Fords Bush Bible Church. Super Youth Dude, aka Bro. Kevin Keever, introduced me. He then stated to the teens how my birthday was on Sunday and so they sang to me and then presented me with a present... THE Coca-Cola logo HO scale model train set! Can somebody say, "Amen!"?

First, I want to thank Bro Keever and the TNT Youth Staff and teens for their thoughtfulness. You have no idea how much the LORD used you. Second, I thank the Lord for giving me a want of my heart and not just a need. Today was a difficult day after receiving a "not so nice" letter from a former member. GOD knew I would need a little extra encouragment and HE knew when I would need it. His time is always the RIGHT time.

Now, I could have rationalized buying that train two months ago at Wal-Mart. What a blessing I would have missed. How many little desires and special wants do we rob ourselves from receiving from the LORD because we decide to bless ourselves instead? The blessing of GOD is an original that can never be duplicated, copied, or immitated. It's the REAL Thing!


Blogger Kevin Keever said...

Lois found that and mentioned it to me. After I looked at it, we couldn't resist. I am just glad the teens kept the secret. We have been talking about it for weeks.


We are so glad you like it.


9:45 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

What a blessing!

How thoughtful of Brother Kevin and the Teens!


7:54 AM  
Blogger Wade Keever said...

After reading the other posts here, I now understand something about you and the Mohawk Valley. Those trains running alongside the river (seemed like every 15 minutes), keeping us awake are why you are here. Seriously, I like trains also, but I like the big real trains and the massive steel wheels, and couplers and the sound of a train passing. Even a railroad spike can make me want to go look at a train. The other posts in your blog were very interesting and enlightening. I was blessed by reading your comments about standards of dress and modesty. I am further convinced that Kevin is indeed in the place God wants wants him. Praise His Glorious Name.

Wade Keever

11:15 PM  
Blogger Pastor Marty said...

Got the Coke Express out of the box last night. The boys and I set it up on the dinning room table.

What a blast!

11:06 AM  

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