Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Call for Clarification on Bob Gray

Missionary to Germany, Mark Bachman, called me today to offer some clarification regarding the missionary status of Dr. Bob Gray. Mark was concerned over one aspect of the comments regarding the Bob Gray incident. He wants people to understand that Bob Gray was not sent to Germany by Tom Messer or Trinity Baptist Church.

Apparently Dr Gray served as a post war correspondant in Germany during the War Trials. He and his wife visited Germany every year since then. Their vacation was an annual missions trip to Germany. As early as the mid 1980's Dr Gray had made it known that his desire was to leave the pastorate and go to Germany as a missionary. According to Mark, several other pastors encouraged Dr Gray to stay in Jacksonville. Mark and his wife arrived in Germany in 1989 and were told then that Bob Gray would be coming to serve with them. He finally arrived in 1992.

Mark did not simply defend Dr Gray. In fact he made the comment that perhaps this was an exit strategy in the back of Bob Gray's mind for some time. He (Bachman) wanted to make it clear that this was not a Tom Messer plan to get Gray out of the country. Dr Gray had made numerous trips and visits to Germany over a 50 year time period. None of us know if all or part or any of these allegations are true but we all agree they must be taken seriously and prayerfully for are those involved. We continue to pray for Dr and Mrs Gray as well as their family, Tom Messer and the families of Trinity Baptist Church, and the families of the alleged victims as well as all the law enforcement officials and attorneys involved.

I appreciate Brother Bachman calling to offer some clarification. Again, this is not second hand information or hear say. This comes directly from a man who worked along side Dr Gray in Germany. Mark told me he read my article here and was not concerned with the content of my writing but rather he was concerned with some of the response comments made by others implying that Trinity & Messer hatched this plot at the last minute in '92 to get rid of Gray. Going to Germany was completely Dr Gray's idea. What all the reasons were behind his decision is known only in Gray's heart and God's mind.


Blogger Liss_a said...

Pastor Marty,
Just wondering, if when talking to Brother Bachman any inquires where made as to wheither they were doing any kind of investigating in Germany, where Bro.Gray was serving,incase there are victims there?

4:46 PM  
Blogger Pastor Marty said...

If there are any investigations in Germany, he did not mention any and I did not think to ask.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Holly611 said...

Pastor Marty,
I have known Dr. Gray for several years know. I can tell you there is no doubt in my mind that he is innocent.
I also has a friend who has known them since she was four and has even been to stay with them in Germany as a little girl and she says the same thing.
Its almost funny how stupid the accusations really are!
For one thing Where were the parents of these girls. If someone was doing this or you find out did do it to your child . Any normal Father or Mother would just kill them. It doesn't matter who you are.
Also, did anyone think that just maybe some tramps were paid off.
If Bro. Gray ar Mrs. Sylvia see this message or any of there family. Please give me a call if you can.
In Christ,

2:05 PM  
Blogger Jay C said...

Pastor Marty-

Good to hear Trinity's clarification of an extremely troubling issue. Thank you for posting this and letting us know.

5:09 PM  

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