Saturday, June 17, 2006

First Response

It's been nearly a month since we were all shocked regarding the news about Bob Gray of Jacksonville, Florida. I wrote several letters to people and organizations which supported and promoted Dr Gray's ministry.

I have received my first reponse....

Monday, June 12, 2006

Dear Bro. Braemer,

Thank you for your letter concerning Dr. Gray. I, too, am sickened by what has happened. While I have never spent much time with him, I have known him for years and, of course, heard him preach several times. This is all very hard to imagine.

I have told my staff and anyone else that has brought up this subject that it is a tragedy. If it is true it is tragic what happened to those young girls. If it is not true it is a tragedy because Dr. Gray's ministry is ruined. Of course if he is guilty he should be treated the same as any child molester.

We did take Dr. Gray's picture off of our website on the first day that this was all heard. I am sure that we will address this in some form once the story unfolds and we know more. You are right; fundamentalists cannot just stick their heads in the sand and pretend it didn't happen. While we did take Dr. Gray's picture off because of this incident, it is not the first time we changed around list. Ironically, we just recently added his name. I noticed that we had never listed him and my website manager that we should add him (bad timing).

I am praying for Bro. Messer and Trinity. I know they must be going through much turmoil.

Dr. Neal Weaver
President ... Louisiana Baptist University

I appreciate Dr. Weaver's candid response.


Blogger Pastor Chad A. Fletcher said...

Just goes to show that in spite of what the opposition thinks, there IS level headed thinking in fundamentalism. This was an appropriate response to a very difficult situation.

12:53 PM  
Blogger reachingthelost said...

Some of your information that you received from mark backmann is not correct. Bro. Gray did not come to work with them. He came to work with a missionary couple Jim and Becky White.

4:28 AM  
Blogger Terry Lange said...


He was sent by Trinity Baptist Church because his former mission agency would not have taken him unless he was sent by a local church. Secondly, the church voted regarding his support level and a couple of other issues..

5:29 PM  

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